Life Goes On…

Paper Cranes in Nagasaki

Wow, the past two months have been super busy and the next two look to be busy as well.  Many things have happened.  I visited Nagasaki during my Golden Week Vacation, moved to a new (to me) apartment, and taken up some freelance work.

I’m also busy preparing for the next JLPT.  I did not take the exam in July as I knew I was going to be too busy to prepare.  So I set my sights on the December exam.  I’m spending a lot of time preparing – working on grammar, building my vocabulary, memorizing kanji readings…

Recently I wrote about visiting Eiheiji Temple.  If you wanted to read about it or take a look at some photos, you can find it here!

I’m going to postpone writing about snow monkeys and the Dosojin Festival until further notice.  However, I will be writing about my trip to Nagasaki in the near future.  I took a lot of pictures and visited the Penguin Aquarium while there.


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