March 2017 Sumo Tournament

I was looking forward to attending the sumo tournament in Osaka this coming March.  I’ve enjoyed going the past couple of years.  It’s actually quite exciting, even up in the stadium seats.  One year I’m going to get a box.  These are expensive as you need to purchase all of the seats in a box.  The boxes usually seat four people but there are usually a few two seat boxes.

After the January tournament in Tokyo Kisenosato was promoted to the rank of Yokozuna. This is the first time in 19 years that there is a Japanese wrestler holding the top rank.  All of the other Yokozuna are Mongolian.  I knew this would make tickets harder to get, especially box seats.

What I did not expect was for all of the tickets to be sold out within about two hours of going on sale.  All.  Of.  The.  Tickets.  As in for the whole tournament.  All 15 days.  I’m disappointed as I really enjoy watching for the whole day, not just the last group or two.  It’s interesting to watch the crowd grow throughout the day.

I hope to go to the Tokyo tournament in May…




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