Welcome to 2017…

Happy (very belated) New Year!

I spent the new year holiday in Nozawa Onsen.  Nozawa Onsen is in Nagano Prefecture and is worth the trip if you’re in Japan during the winter.  Between the snow and the onsens it is a tiny slice of paradise.  Oh, and yes, I saw the snow monkeys!

My time in Nozawa Onsen was quickly followed up with a day trip to Tokyo to pick up a new laptop.  The screen is much nicer than my old laptop which makes looking at photos fun.

Tokyo was followed by an event here in Kanazawa.  Every January the fire department holds drills.  This happens all over Japan and is an interesting experience.  I went last year as well.  The weather was better this year.

The fire department drills were followed by a weekend in Nozawa Onsen for the yearly fire festival.  This was the same weekend they were hit with a blizzard and recieved at least a meter of snow!

I’ve been traveling a lot, but not to new places.  Thinking about Golden Week (because, hey, it isn’t like I just had a vacation or anything), I’m considering staying domestic this year.  Maybe heading to a part of the country I haven’t been to. Traveling by train also sounds like a fun option.


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