Well, the new MacBook Pro has been announced.  After a bit of research I have decided to bite the bullet and purchase an upgraded 13″ model.  It will be a few weeks until the laptop is actually on sale, so I hope to have it by the end of the year.

According to the Japanese Apple Store site I can pick from a few different keyboards.  I think I will stick with a U.S. English keyboard since I am most comfortable with that particular key setup.  When I want to type in Japanese, I can continue to do what I’ve been doing – simply switch the keyboard icon at the top of the screen.  Although I can see where being able to switch via a button on the keyboard would be useful.  I have a few weeks to decide which way I want to go.

In other news – I have decided to separate my photos into two folders on both external hard drives.  This is because I’m unhappy with my current photo organization and would like to be more organized and streamlined.  I don’t want to (nor do I have the time to) reorganize all my old photos.  So I will have a pre-folder and a post-folder.  I’ve been having trouble getting photos from the memory cards onto the computer, so this change will happen as soon as I work out the current issue.

The next JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is the first Sunday in December.  I am working hard towards my goal of passing the exam and moving on to the next level in July.  My current job is not tied to any level of Japanese proficiency, but it is a good way to challenge myself and up my employment potential.  It also makes life a little easier.  Being able to converse in more than one language is a valuable skill in my opinion.  It also makes sitting in a coffee shop or on a train that much more interesting…

I have planned two trips to Nozawa Onsen this winter.  The first trip is over the new year holiday period.  I’m excited about having an extended stay compared to most of my recent trips.  I might even do a snow monkey tour one of the days.  The second trip is in January for the Nozawa Onsen Dosojin Matsuri (野沢温泉の道祖神祭り).  I lucked out because January 15th (the climax of the festival) is on a Sunday and I was able to find accommodation.

Finally, one of the most exciting pieces of news I have lately is the purchase of a kotatsu.  Yes, after three winters I have finally cracked and purchased an inexpensive, small (yet high) kotatsu and cute blanket to go with it.  It’s easy to move which makes working in my apartment a little easier.  It is also good for studying.  It will also keep me nice and warm in the coming months without having to blast the aircon’s heat setting.

That’s all for now…



  1. Fascinating!!! Congratulations on your newer purchases to make life easier!! Wish you luck sorting photos its not very easy good luck XXXOOO

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