Back in Japan

I’ve been sitting in Haneda for hours waiting for my next flight.  Instead of heading into Tokyo I decided to pay for lounge access and avoid the heat.  For the amount of time I’m spending, it really isn’t that expensive.  Sitting at an actual table with a plug and unlimited beverages isn’t a bad way to spend more than five hours in an airport.  There are worse options.

This past week I was in Seoul for the Obon holiday.  It was hot.  So very hot.  I melted daily.  I don’t know why I thought it would be cooler or less humid than Japan.  But I’m back in Japan and back to work tomorrow morning.

I’m still working on getting the photos from Mongolia converted and uploaded so I can finish blogging about Golden Week.  Then I can blog about Obon and Seoul, specifically the Noryangjin Fish Market.  It may have been my favorite experience in Seoul.

Once I have a new computer I hope things will run smoothly.  I’m a little worried since I need to figure out how to move Photoshop from my old laptop to my new laptop.  The CDs are in America, I am not.  Off the top of my head I’m not sure where exactly they are, so I can’t just ask someone to mail them to me.  Ideas?  Anyone?

I’m trying to organize my photos online.  Currently I have photos in a few places which can be a little confusing.  I need to create a spreadsheet for the photos I’ve put up and then create a system for future uploads.  This project is doable on my iPad mini, a plus since I don’t have to wait for new equipment to get started.

I’m also working on a few different projects with my photos.  These are a little difficult with the current laptop situation, but I’m working around the issues the best I can.  After visiting Japan in 2012 I put together a photo book.  Using the same service I’m putting together another book.  I’m also trying to put together a planner.

In addition I’m looking at different websites to see what kind of calendar printing options are out there.  It’s a blancing act between diversification and way too much going on.  The spreadsheet should help with that.

In the meantime, a photo from the fish market can be found here.


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