In the meantime…

I have the second Golden Week post written up, but technology isn’t exactly on my side.   I hope to fix my technology problems by September.  The photos I took are saved on on external hard drive and need to be run through Photoshop and uploaded before I can publish the post.  So in the meantime…

Summer is hot this year.  In my part of Japan, there wasn’t that much rain this past rainy season. Typhoon season is also remarkably quiet.  There has only been one typhoon and it was late.  Despite the lack of rain in my part of the country, the humidity levels have been high.  This has made drying laundry a difficult task.  Everything takes a day longer to dry. Most of the time I dry my laundry inside.  Yesterday I managed to dry a load outside.  I plan to do the same today.

August and the beginning of September are both looking busy with lots of big and little things happening.  Well, lots for me since I have to fit it all in around work.    I’ve finally figured out the night bus options and which company I prefer.  This has made getting around cheaper and a bit easier.  I really like the Shinkansen because it is faster and more comfortable, but it’s also much more expensive.  The Kyoto route is only slightly cheaper by bus since Kyoto and Kanazawa are linked by an express train but not a Shinkansen.  So it’s a balancing act between schedules, comfort, and cost.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I hope to be able to upload the photos from external drive soon.


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