Ringing in the New Year (pt. 2)

…and I’m back!

Spending the new year in Hokkaido was amazing.  The snow was beautiful.  The snow in Nakafurano is light and sparkles in the sun.  It reminded me of either fake snow or a massive glitter explosion!  And the skiing…

So this past winter the snow wasn’t great according to some local residents.  People who worked at the ski resort apologized for the conditions.  All I could think was, Really?  Guess you’ve never tried east coast skiing!  They don’t call Whiteface Iceface because the snow is fluffy and wonderful

The snow was the lightest, fluffiest, powdery-est (I’m sure that isn’t even a word) that I’ve ever seen.  Skiing in Furano was great and I hope to do it again at some point this coming winter.  At one of the resort hotels they had a small winter fair.  I went one evening to experience the ice bar.  The ice bar was small and not terribly exciting.  I think I’d like to go to one if I happen to be in the vicinity of one, but I don’t think I’d go out of my way to visit one.  Now an ice hotel…I’d like to visit one of those some day…

Ice Bar at the Furano Ski Resort

Ice Bar at the Furano Ski Resort

You can see the hotel behind the ice bar.

I also took a tour taxi with three other people staying at Akane-yado.  We went to Biei to take photos.  The landscapes were interesting.  Everything was covered with snow and the wind has shaped the trees.  In some ways it reminded me of the Shetland Islands (but with trees and a lot of snow).

One of the stops during the taxi tour

One of the stops during the taxi tour

And that was my New Year’s Adventure!


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