Kennin-ji, Kyoto

Kennin-ji, Kyoto

The heat and sun have come, making Japan a hot, sunny mess.  If you don’t like the sun, which I don’t, it’s kind of miserable in a way.  For me, the heat and sun mean hiding in the shade as much as possible.  Of course, this has nothing to do with the above photo.  The above photo really doesn’t have anything to do with anything other then I meant to post it a while ago.  I took it on my last day in Kyoto over the New Year Holiday.


Along the 浅野川

Along the 浅野川

Today I went for a walk.  I wanted to shoot two different things.  First, I wanted to get some shots of the huge, scary spiders that inhabit one of the foot bridges that crosses the Asanogawa river near my apartment.  They have colonized the other bridges in the area, but the one closest to my apartment is a lovely cedar bridge.  It’s lit at night which attracts many insects which in turn attracts many spiders.  However, much like me, the spiders do not like the sun or heat and hide during the day.  I will have to go back in the evening to get the photos.

There is a walkway above the river that I strolled along.  Growing out of holes in the cement walls were various plants.  In one section ferns were growing.  Some trees overhang the area, providing some much needed shade.  I wonder what will happen once rainy season starts as these holes seem to be for drainage.

The second thing I wanted to get some shots of was the pole of carp streamers I spotted the other night.  They were blowing in the wind but I did not have a camera and it was quite dark when I was out walking.  Today was sunny and I got a late start, so the sun was a bit of a challenge.  I did manage to get a few shots though.  Here is one:

Carp Streamers

Carp Streamers

I put up a few more shots over on the National Geographic website, linked at the bottom of this post.

I’m considering getting another camera (because I don’t have enough already or anything like that…).  I’m thinking of upgrading my D90 to a D7100 (I shoot Nikon).  The D90 is pretty good, but the D7100 has almost twice the megapixels and a larger ISO range.  I’ve found that I usually am in lowlight situations where providing some sort of external light isn’t really possible.  I want to be able to get lowlight shots without as much noise.

Anyway, just a post of random things.  Hope you enjoyed the photos!


Link to National Geographic pictures:  http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/profile/610456/


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