The Day the Mountains Disappeared

I thought that would make an awesome name for a novel or something…It’s just what happened on March 9th when a snowstorm moved into the area.

Anyway…My last post was me moaning about the lack of winter only to have winter come a knocking.  March 9th I went out in a skirt, tights, and heels.  It wasn’t bad outside and I wasn’t really expecting anything beyond the flurries.  As I said before, winter has been disappointing in terms of snowy weather.  And being March, how large of a storm could we get (says the girl who has gone to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC in boots and other winter-wear because of the amount of snow)?  Yeah, it snowed. Yeah, I got splashed by cars driving by.  Yeah, I almost got into a taxi despite the fare.  And yeah, I ended up just walking home instead.


The walk home…

Why did I walk home instead of hoping into a taxi?  It wasn’t really the taxi fare, it was the fact that I really love the snow. There is something magical about walking while white flakes of goodness fall all around you.  Especially the big, fluffy kind that were falling that night.  Okay, and the fact that it would have cost almost ¥700.  It isn’t far of a walk in good weather, maybe ten to fifteen minutes at the most.  This makes it real hard to justify the cost if I’m not carrying luggage.  That night it took me around half an hour to walk home.  Cold, wet, and strangely happy.  And yes, my heels are fine.  I put them on some old newspaper and dried them out.  You’d never know they were out in the snow.

The next morning I woke up to SNOW!  Not real surprising since when I went to bed it was snowing hard.  I had plans to meet up with a good friend I hadn’t seen in a while.  We ate sushi at this 24 hour sushi place in town.  It’s good and real convenient (both location and hours).  Lunch was great.


The view from my apartment the morning of March 10th.

We then walked over the Kenroku-en.  The garden was beautiful in the snow.  It kept flurrying on and off all day, sometimes treading into squall territory.  We walked around the garden for a bit and took some pictures before going to warmup with some hot drinks and doughnuts.


Kenroku-en in the snow

Seriously, Kenroku-en is absolutely stunning in the snow.  The clouds would breakup every so often, creating great light and amazing color and contrast.


Kenroku-en in the snow

By the next day the snow was just about gone.  I don’t think we will be getting any more snow this season.  Rain and wind yes, but sadly, no snow.


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