What happened to winter? Oh, wait, here it is…

I love winter.  I love the snow, cold, skiing, snowshoeing, and layering that goes with it.  I don’t look forward to summer like most people I know, or even spring or fall (although I do like fall and early spring).   No, I look forward to the cold, gray, dreary days of winter.  So imagine my delight at moving to a part of Japan that is known for having a lot of snow (and thunder-snow to boot!). The Hokuriku region of Japan should get lots of snow every winter.  There is even a technique where bamboo poles and rope are used to protect trees and shrubs called 雪吊り (yukizuri).

We’ve had a few snowfalls, but not enough to actually count.  Maybe about two or three inches at the most.  It’s now March and my hopes of a snowy winter will have to lay dormant until the end of the year.

That being said, I did laundry today.  It was sunny and breezy so I hung some outside to dry.  Earlier in the day you could see the snow on the mountains in the distance.  I am both lucky and cursed with the view from my apartment.  Seeing the mountains in the distance is a nice contrast to the street below my apartment.  At the same time, seeing snow that I can’t access is sad.  I went to bring in my laundry as we are supposed to get showers this evening and noticed the mountains  The sun was obscured by clouds that were sitting on the mountains.  My cameras were not in reach but I did grab my phone to take a shot.  After I got a shot, I grabbed the V1 and went back onto the balcony.  Flurries were flying and the mountains had vanished.

View of the mountains with my phone

View of the mountains with my phone

View of the mountains with my phone

View of the mountains with my phone


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