Side Trip – 12/30/13

I realized that I wrote this post back in December but never posted it!

Today I took the train from Kyoto to Nara; the local, stops at every possible station train.  So it took a bit of time to arrive at the JR Nara station, more time than I thought it would.  It was relaxing though.  Interesting too, to see where groups of people got off the train.  I spent the day at Nara Park; the home of deer and the world’s largest wooden structure – 東大寺 (Tōdai-ji). That’s right, I spent the day surrounded by deer and large wooden structures.  It actually was a lot more interesting than I am making it sound.  Here is a taste…

DSC_0648                                                                                                          Tamonten – 多聞天

This statue of Tamonten was inside of Great Buddha Hall.  It was a pretty impressive looking statue so I took some pictures. The building was impressive and I ended up spending a lot of time inside looking.  There were also various shrines throughout the park.




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