So this past weekend (Sunday and Monday for me) I had every intention of putting together a post or two.  That was until there was an unexpected situation that threw my plans into disarray.  Everything has pretty much settled down now and this weekend should run smoothly.

A few things to mention:

1. The sushi place I go to has touchscreen ordering now.  This is both good and bad.  It does mean I am able to order things I was previously unsure about (whether how to say the actual name or what kind of fish it contains).  This is good as it lets me expand my sushi selections while avoiding nori (which I am allergic to – as it I carry an epi-pen kind of allergic).  The screen is also bad because I don’t get to speak as much as I did previously.  There is a great sushi chef who is very helpful when it comes to pronunciation and how to ask for different things.  Now I don’t get to interact as much.  Also, while expanding my sushi options I pick out some more expensive fish or cuts of fish.  Not great for the budget.

2. In the land of cute even sleet has a cute little icon.  Yahoo came installed on my phone and I only ever really use it to check the weather.  For snow there is a cute snowman smiling.  For sleet they use a frowning snowman with snow and rain falling around it.  As I write this Yahoo has a snowman surrounded by lightning bolts!  Way too cute!  Oh, and the word for sleet is みぞれ – mizore – which almost sounds like misery!

3. Hail is a usual occurance in Kanazawa, as are thunderstorms in December!  Back home late autumn and winter thunderstorms are not common.  Here it seems like we have them almost every day.  Walking to work this morning it was hailing, and again at lunch (with lots of wind).

4. Speaking of lunch – ¥500 Inari Udon!  That’s right – tasty, filling, oh-so-yummy udon for sorta cheap!  It tastes delicious and tea is free.  This is a great alternative to curry and rice (even cheaper) on days I can’t make lunch before work.  Mmm…いなりうどん。。。おいしい!

I feel bad about not posting a picture in my previous post.  If you don’t like spiders don’t scroll down any further…

These spiders where everywhere this autumn and were the largest I’ve ever seen in person in the wild!


Not the best picture but I didn’t want to get close to them.  There were a lot of them, heck, seemed like they colonized trees in some parts of the city!


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