Cold November Rain

Yes, I stole that from a Guns n Roses song…a really good song by the way.

The weather here in Kanazawa is cold and rainy; the kind of weather that seeps into your bones and won’t release you.  I walked around Omicho today and was not able to get rid of the chill until I stopped for some wonderful sushi.  Of course, I couldn’t stay in the sushi restaurant all day.


It is crab season in Kanazawa.  These aren’t just any run of the mill crabs either.  I swear they must contain magical crab meat, or, at least I hope so.  Sure, these crabs seem to be on the larger end of the size spectrum, but they are also expensive. Leading up to the arrival of these crabs (there seems to always be crabs in Omicho, just not in these numbers or range of sizes) there were signs around the market announcing the arrival of the crabs on November 6th.  Today there was a film crew filming the crabs.  Crab season in Kanazawa is serious business.  Not only do people buy crabs to take home, they buy crabs and have them shipped from Omicho.  You can give the gift of crab!

Omicho is only minutes on foot from my apartment, so I wandered around for a little while before stopping at one of the butchers inside the market and picking up some chicken to cook up for lunch tomorrow.  Here is another view of some of the crabs for sale…


These crabs were much smaller and less expensive than the crabs in the first photo.  Some of the stands had piles of these smaller crabs that customers could load into a tray to be weighed.  I don’t even really like crab and I started to crave some. Maybe next time I’m at the sushi restaurant I go to.  They have a whole special page devoted to crab.  The restaurant is inside of Omicho and all their sushi is extra fresh.  It only makes sense that during crab season they would have a bunch of crab specials.

Enough of the crabs though!  What have I been up to?  I’ve been working.  I had to go to Okayama for a training session the middle of this past week.  In addition, the next few weeks are going to be extra busy at work.  I do have New Years to look forward to.  I booked the hostel in Kyoto for a week over the New Year holiday.  I think this trip will be more relaxing than the one I took in August.  I’m staying longer, it will be colder, and I have looked into a few events I do not want to miss.  I still need to purchase train tickets, but you cannot purchase them more than a month in advance, so I have to wait till the end of this month.

And now a couple of pictures…


I had hung out my futon on a bright, sunny day in October only to find someone taking a nap on it when I went to bring it back inside.


This is at a shrine near my apartment.  At the beginning of October they had a kind of harvest festival.  I had to work and was unable to attend any of the days, however, during my walks in the evening I came across this.

That’s it for now!


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