A Rainy Sunday

It’s a rainy Sunday here in Kanazawa and I’m doing things around the apartment with the TV on in the background.  I realized something while watching TV the other night; the less I try to figure out what they are saying the more I understand.  Right now there isn’t really anything interesting on.  Mostly it is just variety shows.  I don’t know what it is about variety shows, but they are always on.

Being that it is rainy, it is not a good laundry day.  Unfortunately, just because it is not a good laundry day does not mean that I magically have no laundry to do.  I washed a load this morning and it is now hanging inside of my apartment.  It gives my apartment an overcrowded feeling.  It also doesn’t dry as quickly as it does outside.  Still, it needed to be done.

Other than that things are going smoothly.  I am busy with work as a few important things are on the horizon.  One is follow-up training for my job.  This means I will be traveling out of Kanazawa to attend a two-day training session during the workweek.  So the lessons (I teach) I will be missing needs to be made-up.  Most I made-up already but there are a few I still need to make sure get scheduled.

Sorry this post has no photos; I need to convert them from RAW to jpeg for posting.  I will leave you with a bit of Japanese.  Let me know if it doesn’t make sense!


I plan to go to Kyoto for New Year.


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