I Think I’m Settled



As I write this post I’m sitting in a hostel in Kyoto over the Obon holiday.  No, the above picture is not from Kyoto, it’s from just outside of Kanazawa.  However, back to the current post…I woke up at five this morning to catch the 6:11 Thunderbird from Kanazawa to Kyoto.   I then went on to Osaka to the Nikon Salon and Service Center to try and fix a camera issue.  The camera issue isn’t fixed so I’ll be posting pictures from both my D90 and my V1.  Up until now all the photos from this year were taken with the V1 (the earlier photos from last year were taken with my D90).

Things have fallen into place.  I finally bought myself a garbage can and some more cleaning supplies as I started to run out of what was left in the apartment for me.  I reorganized my closets again to make them a bit more tidy and compact.  The more compact I get my stuff the better I feel about the space issues that come with living in a Japanese apartment.  I’ve also settled into a kind of a schedule.  I have a route I walk five to six times a week.  It’s a nice twenty minute or so walk that I can vary to make it longer or shorter if I feel like it.  In addition, I try to go to the sentō once a week.  I found another one near my apartment, closer than the one I go to, but I still have only gone to the one.  I like it, it’s comfortable and relaxing.  Maybe one day I’ll branch out and try some of the others around my neighborhood but for right now I’m content visiting the one I’ve been using.

I’ve taken a bunch of photos from a few places I’ve visited.  I need to get them edited/converted to jpeg and then I can post about some of the places I’ve gone.  Last Sunday I ended up in Shirakawa-go, a UNESCO site.  The day before when I left work there was some sort of festival happening in Kanazawa.  The weekend before I took the train to Takaoka to see the fireworks.  So I have much to write about and much to post!  And photos to share with you all!

It’s getting late here in Kyoto so I’ll leave you all with one more photo (again, not of Kyoto but of Kanazawa)…



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