Other Adventures (pt. 2)


Cooking in my kitchen is an adventure in itself.  Remember that fridge you had in your college dorm?  It just may be larger than the fridge in my apartment.  In a way, this is a good thing.  It forces me to consider every perishable food purchase.  It also forces me to buy fresh food an a regular basis.  All in all, the fridge situation isn’t as bad as it sounds.  The lack of a true freezer, one that keeps things frozen is a downside, but it could be worse.  This just means I don’t keep ice cream in my apartment.

The sink doubles as a counter.  I place a cutting board over it and use that.  Maximizing what little space I have is essential if I want to prepare any food.  Using the rice cooker is also essential if I want to be able to use my single burner to cook anything to have with my rice.  It took a little bit of practice but I’ve gotten the timing down.  It takes half an hour to prepare 1/4th cup of rice.  In that time I can prepare some fish and chopped cabbage to go with the rice.

In addition I have a toaster oven.  In America I used a toaster to make toast.  Not so here.  Here I use a toaster oven.  I am still experimenting with the timing and hope not to set off the fire alarm.  Last weekend I prepared clams in the toaster oven.  It is actually really neat because you can watch them pop open!  It is super easy to do and keeps the burner open for other meal preparations.

More to come!



  1. man… why didn’t I ever think of grilling seafood in the toaster? genius!! i used it a lot to roast foil packets of vegetables, or garlic. just wait until you get the hang of the microwave as an oven.. a whole new world (that i discovered in my last 4 months… -_- )

    • I don’t understand the microwave at all! All I want to do is microwave cookies for 10-15 seconds and I can’t figure out how to do it…

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