Getting Settled


Ozaki Jinja Shrine, Kanazawa

I made it to Kanazawa by train from Okayama on Sunday, June 30th.  On Tuesday, July 2nd I began work.  The past one and a half weeks have been a whirlwind of activity.  I managed to get internet and phone on Sunday, a process I did not begin until I had my banking setup.  My banking could not be setup till I had my hanko.  I’m sure you can see where this is going…everything needs to be done in the right order and that takes time.

I did manage to finish unpacking on Monday.  My apartment is now setup and organized.  It is small but cozy.  The location is good.  I’m not far from work, less than a fifteen minute walk.  There is a dry cleaner behind the building and a convenience store about a block away.  If you know anything about Japanese convenience stores, you know that they are truly convenient.

So how was my trip from Okayama to Kanazawa?  Very comfortable.  I took a Shinkansen from Okayama to Kyoto.  The train really is both fast and smooth.  The seats on the train are comfortable and despite the luggage, I had enough room that I did not feel as cramped as I might have looked.  In Kyoto I transfered to the Thunderbird.  There is no Shinkansen in Kanazawa so I had to take a slower train.  The second train was as comfortable as the first, just slower.  I look forward to traveling by train in Japan.


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