I’ve Arrived


Well, I’ve arrived in Japan.  After over a day in transit I landed at KIX in one piece.  The journey from JFK was long and interesting.  First, I flew to Hong Kong.  It’s a long flight but even back in steerage Cathay Pacific keeps you comfortable.  However, that wasn’t enough for some people.  Never before have I been on a plane where the smoke detectors have gone off.  Yeah, smoking in the restroom will do that.  Smoking on a plane will also fill the back of the plane with a cloud of smoke which is then recycled for the remainder of the flight.

When we flew into Hong Kong it was pouring.  Oh, and windy.  Needless to say, the landing was a bit shaky.  In the end, we landed in one piece.  But remember the smoke and the smoke detectors that were going off?  Yeah, the police were waiting at the gate for our plane.  The lesson to take away from this is to not smoke on an airplane.  Apparently all those warning signs they have up aren’t just for show.

I didn’t really see any of Hong Kong, just the airport.  The airport was nice enough.  From what I saw, there is a lot of shopping.  I changed, ate breakfast, and waited for my next flight.  The wait wasn’t bad since my layover was only four hours and fifty minutes.  The views from the terminal I was in were impressive.  My polarizer wasn’t accessible but I still took some photos.  The mountains provided a relaxing backdrop.


Afterwards I continued on to KIX in Japan.  The flight lasted three hours and fifteen minutes and once again I was impressed with the service on the plane.  It wasn’t a long flight.  In the United States you have longer flights where you are lucky if you get more than a tiny bag of nuts or pretzels and a cup of water.  Not this flight.  So the flight attendants came around with small bags of nuts and beverages (including beer) back in steerage.  I thought, “Hey, this is probably the only food and drink I’m going to be able to get on this flight…might as well make the best of it” and proceeded to order a beer.  Not much further into the flight they came around again, this time with food.  Honest to goodness food and wine.  Free meals and alcohol on a flight that doesn’t even take four hours?  Needless to say I’m putting them on my “Fly Again” list.

Having arrived safe in Japan I had two days free before beginning training for my new job.  I walked around Okayama visiting a few shrines and temples, the castle, and  Korakuen – one of the top three gardens in Japan.


A few of my fellow trainees and I took the train to Kurashiki where we visited the Bikan Historical Quarter.  They run boat rides in the canal of the Bikan Historical Quarter.  We walked around the area for a little while and took a boat ride before catching the train back to Okayama.Image

I’ve been busy with training the past couple of days.  In a few days I’ll be headed to Kanazawa…



  1. So happy to hear (aside from the smoke detectors, HOW annoying was that?) that your new adventure is going well, keep us updated and posting pictures! Hope you like your training “classes”.

    • The smoke detectors were SO annoying! I have internet now so I should be able to post some more photos in the next couple of days!

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