25 Days to Go!

25 days until I leave for Japan.  Or, as I like to say “crunch-time”.  I should point out that when I say 25 days what I really mean is 24 days until I need to be at the airport.  Why the difference in the number of days?  My flight leaves at 1:30am.  1:30am!  And that first leg is about 14 hours long.  I can see myself spending the whole flight going “I have to sleep, I have to sleep…”.  We all know when all we can think about is how we have to sleep the last thing we can do is sleep.  I think I may have the perfect recipe for jetlag.

Ah, jetlag.  I’ve been there, done that.  How does one avoid jetlag?  Sleep on the flight?  Keep hydrated?  The best method I’ve found to deal with jetlag is to try and slide right into a normal waking/sleeping pattern upon arrival.  Sure, you may go to bed earlier than normal the first few nights, but at least you’re resetting your internal clock and not sleeping until two in the afternoon each day.

Enough about jetlag, what about my preparations.  I realized the other day that I do not own a proper, full-size suitcase.  How could this happen?  I’ve traveled multiple times for various lengths of time and yet I do not have a proper suitcase.  I did have one.  It was old, heavy, a hand-me-down from who knows where.  I brought it to Japan last year.  On the way there the wheels broke.  Between the broken wheels, the fraying material and the weight of it, I decided to send it off to the great suitcase in the sky.  This leaves me with a backpacking pack and a Roxy rolling duffle bag as my two checked bags.  I really would rather not invest in new luggage right now as I did just invest in a work wardrobe.  

That’s right, I bought suits.  Three suits, each with pants and a skirt.  I figure that makes it almost as though I bought six suits.  Almost, but not really.  I also bought some shoes as well trouser socks.  I sound like an adult listing all these things.  I hope I can cram this new wardrobe into my limited luggage easily enough.

Well, that’s it for now…


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