Two Months to Go!

Early in the morning two months from now I will get onto a plane and fly far from home.  It is not my first trip away from home but it is the one that will last the longest.  To date the longest I have been away from home is nine months, back when I did a study abroad program in Wales.  This time I will be away for at least one year.

I will leave from JFK, flying to Osaka with a layover in Hong Kong.  The layover will last four hours and fifty minutes, not really enough time to do anything.  Maybe grab a bite to eat, take a photo, that kind of thing.  I do know that I will be getting changed into fresh clothing and eagerly awaiting my connecting flight.  After landing in Osaka I will go to train for a week and then on to Kanazawa, where I will be living and working.

I am lucky in going to Kanazawa.  I was there last summer for a month, which gives me basic knowledge of where things are.  I know where I can buy groceries, mail a postcard, change money, access wi-fi, etc.  I also know some people living in the area as well as some people participating in a study abroad program at the time of my arrival.

Two months sounds like a long time, but in reality it is not much time at all.  Re-organizing one’s life takes time.  I have to decide what to take, what to leave at home, and what to get rid of.  In a way, it is cleansing.  In another, it is stressful.  How do I decide?  What is irreplaceable ?  Do I really need those shoes?  Yeah, these are the thoughts running though my head.


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